City of Omner

Nephite city by seashore on east borders

City of Omner

Omner was a strongly fortified Nephite city situated on the east borders by the seashore, prominent in the narrative during the latter part of the first century BC, specifically around 67 BC (Alma 51:26). As a coastal city, Omner held strategic value and was consequently a target during the military campaigns led by the Lamanite king Amalickiah. While Captain Moroni, the Nephite military commander, was engaged in suppressing internal dissent from the king-men, Amalickiah took advantage of the preoccupation to capture several coastal cities, including Omner, which resulted in the establishment of temporary Lamanite strongholds within Nephite territory (Alma 51:21-27).

The geographical position of the city was such that it is mentioned in context with other nearby cities of Nephihah, Lehi, Morianton, Gid, and Mulek; all located along the east seaboard, indicating a region that was densely populated and well-traveled, possibly indicative of a mercantile zone or an area of significant economic activity (Alma 51:26). The proximity to other key cities suggests that Omner was within a reasonable day’s journey from them, indicating a network of Nephite settlements along the eastern coastline that was key to the territorial integrity and defense against external aggression, as demonstrated by the Nephites’ quick military response and movement among these cities during times of war (Alma 62:26-32). The efforts by Moroni to fortify the eastern borders, including the regions near Omner, underscored its significance and vulnerability to Lamanite incursions from the sea (Alma 50:7-11).


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